• SENSORY STIMULATION: LED lights change the water colors as the beads gently tumble down the water dancing around the acrylic circle joints. This combination stimulates the senses, great for children with autism, special needs and ADHD.
  • DECORATIVE DISPLAY: This is a great way to improve the décor of your dining room, bedroom, living room or even an office or doctor's waiting area. It is a LED floor lamp and a water display feature all in one.
  • SIZE & COLOR: This floor standing water feature stands at 4 feet and is 20" wide. This product has a choice of many LED light colors and settings and has a remote to control them with.
  • RELAX - LET GO: Watch the colorful beads dance down the main wall and the bubble columns carry the beads back up on the side. This has a soothing display has a calming effect - while the soft sound of the water flowing and the ball trickling can function as a sound machine to help your child relax and go to sleep.
  • LEARNING IS FUN: Here at Playlearn, we believe that children learn best when they are at play, exploring their world while developing fundamental skills. Our products are designed to stimulate the five senses while promoting the development of fine motor, object tracking, color and shape recognition, auditory localization, and more.

Sensory LED Bubble Wall-Silver with Balls-4 Foot"Tank" with remote control

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